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Asian Pacific Broadcasting Union Opening Ceremony Highlights

ABU TV SONG FESTIVAL (Asian Pasific Broadcasting Union), 
held in a different country every year, was hosted by Turkey this year.
Various artists from 13 countries attended the event held at Istanbul Congress Center. 
The opening performance was inspired by Turkey's cultural, 
historic and natural heritage and was broadcasted live around the world as well as to attendees with 
World's Biggest Open Air Museum concept. 
Most of the historical values in the project are in Unesco World Heritage List and Unesco World Heritage Tentative List.
Some of the sites we used as visuals are from settlements that have been around for centuries, while others have mysterious pasts and some have mythological history. 
Many of these will be carried into the future with the same presence, while some will be lost due to natural causes.

Total production process of the project took 1 months.
Conceptual drawings of all spaces were prepared and 
3D organic and solid surfaces were modeled.
Texture of all surfaces and spaces were prepared considering the period, 
historic conditions, wear and formation and the animation process was completed with an abstract approach to space.
For model performances, cultural costumes were designed using the complementary elements of spaces. 
The music for the opening ceremony was composed based on tunes from Anatolia.

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