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TURKCELL Technology Summit 2018 Opening

The Earth was designed as per the Theory of Pluralism: Pluriverse.
The end results of the design are controversial. 

It may well be that humanity has never witnessed and starred in such rapid transformation, development and progress in all its history. The struggle against nature has evolved into a fight against oneself and with each other. The questions, the inquiries and the issues have transformed.

Now we talk about totally different things. Not just only about technology, industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, new professions or new planets... But about our extinguishing free will. And in fact, about whether we even ever had free will. About reality and new realities.

In the end, everything is data. And it is possible to calculate the process of smart data.

Pluriverse is a story that observes innovations throughout the history of humans. The character of the story delivers this process in a cause and effect situation. And eventually, questions reality as a non-human entity.

Completed in 28 days, Pluriverse was displayed during the opening of Technology Summit and the 6 minute story was told using real time motion capture technology.

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